PeopleG2 has been heralded by its clients as being one of the finest in the background business. From large companies to small, family-owned businesses and Fortune 1000 corporations, to individual landlords looking for tenant screening, PeopleG2 serves all its clients with high-quality solutions and customer service excellence.  Read on to see actual customer testimonials.  You can also see constantly updated client feedback here.

I love the Swifthire. It is so much easier to make sure the potential employee gets the correct information for the background check to be run.

- Elizabeth C.

Very knowledgeable, responsive and just plain nice to work with!

- Donna H.

Service is great, and I feel like they have our best interest at heart. Not too pricey, and transparent.

- Deja W.

Quick response to my question about a drug screen.

- Corin E.

PeopleG2 is fast and efficient. User friendly and conclusive. Im very happy with the service

- Katelyn S.

The turn-a-round time has been very efficient.

- Maria G.

Great customer service and speedy accurate results.

- Rynda D.

I like that you can just input someones information to run a background check and that it takes less than 5 minutes to do so. I also like that you don’t really have to wait a long time for you guys to run a background check.

- Ana O.

Accuracy, timeliness, quality, great people and great culture.

- Paul R.

PeopleG2 always gets us results super quick and they are very helpful!

- Andy L.

I love the training webinar to introduce us to PeopleG2. The quick response is great! I look forward to using the service more when I need it. THANK YOU!

- Laura M.

Automated and easy to access information. Good customer service including a chat feature.

- Alfonso P.

Very responsive when needed an account quickly. Website very easy to use – no help needed.

- Christine W.