In today’s highly uncertain world, knowing everything you can about the people you are hiring or renting property to is more important than ever.  Whether it’s making sure an employee did indeed attend and graduate from a college or a potential tenant does indeed work where they claim, background checks are big business and important tools for employers, landlords and others to use.  When you are in need of background check software to help you find the information you need, the best place to look is PeopleG2.

Services Offered

At PeopleG2, it’s all about finding out the information needed on job applicants, potential renters and others whose backgrounds need to be verified.  Depending upon a client’s needs, there are many services offered that can provide a very detailed report of an individual.  Some of the most common services used by our clients include:

  • Employment screening
  • I-9 Certification
  • Criminal background check
  • Drug Testing
  • Executive screening
  • SwiftHire Mobile

Along with these services, one service that is growing in popularity with employers is social media screening.  As more people than ever are on Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media the need to screen these sites for potentially damaging photos or other postings is crucial.

International Verifications

Using background check software to screen those from international destinations is part of what makes PeopleG2 the industry leader in finding out the details others may miss.  Many times, trying to find information on a person from a foreign country can be difficult at best.  Whether the person was born there or simply spent time there, the risks can be great.  Some of the screenings PeopleG2 provides for clients include:

  • Global Compliance Check
  • Driver’s License verification
  • Criminal Record search
  • Local Media search
  • International Business Report

Screening Technology

Using the industry’s leading platform available in background check software, PeopleG2 offers the level of reliability and security demanded by CEO’s and Human Resource Managers. The PG2+ Enterprise Architecture can support over 20 million transactions per month, making it the most reliable and long-lasting software available.  The system is also designed with security in mind, with protection against online hacking, cross-site scripting and other security vulnerabilities built-in to keep information safe.

So when you or your business need background check software that’s up to any challenge, seeking the services of PeopleG2 can make the screening process much safer and reliable.