Balanced Leadership: Matthew Perosi, Website Developer and CEO of Stellium Networks and Mark Mitchell, Business Coach

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Today’s guests are Matthew Perosi, Website Developer and CEO of Stellium Networks; and Mark Mitchell, Business Coach.  They both understand the need for balanced leadership. To hear the entire show, click here.

MATTHEW PEROSI balanced leadership

Matthew Perosi is a website developer and CEO of Stellium Networks. Perosi was born and raised in New Jersey, and currently lives in both Bordeaux, France and New Jersey.

He began his career working for his father’s brokerage firm as Chief Technology Officer. While there, he launched his own company. Perosi developed his first website in 1994, and with a partner, built an IT service company with 11 employees. Not long after September 11, 2001, however, many of his clients were lost and his company eventually went out of business. 


Perosi now runs a new business with a new partner — Stellium Networks, which includes a subsidiary, Jeweler Websites. In addition, they run the Jeweler Website Advisory group, an educational online platform that offers a mix of coaching and marketing support. 

Perosi’s greatest challenge was figuring out how to make money with his first company. What he realized was that they were not agile enough. He indicated what he finally learned was how to balance services, technology and employees to keep the business running profitably.  This type of balanced leadership helped to shape his overall understanding of business and forward progress.

“I try to learn from the mistakes my customers make within their own businesses,” says Perosi. But he also learns from the world around him. He recalls his mother treating him and his sister as equals which helped to shape his understanding of balanced leadership. From that, he says: “I learned that I have to provide an equal balance to employees and customers.” From his father, Perosi says, “I saw how badly someone ran their office and how he demanded perfection but never really understood what it took to get that perfection.” Persoi used that idea of balanced leadership to become successful in his ventures.

What are You Reading?

Perosi is reading “How to be like Walt: Capturing the Disney Magic Every Day of Your Life” by Pat Williams with Jim Denney, which dives into the childhood stories of Walt Disney. 

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MARK MITCHELL balanced leadership

Mark Mitchell is a business coach, corporate trainer and psychotherapist who currently trains and coaches managers who  are “misbehaving.” He stresses that he works with difficult behaviors and not difficult people.

Mitchell works often with highly-talented technical executives who are looking to move into leadership roles (i.e., CIO, CFO), but lack the interpersonal skills to do so. As he says, “they are not so great at managing people.” Individuals are coming to see him “because the organization believes in them, and wants them to get some sort of leadership development…and let these difficult behaviors go.” 

Mitchell recounts: “I’m thinking of a guy… a top producer, but he swears a lot at people, he yells at people and he can just be mean…One of the goals was just to calm down.  He was that way at work, but was also that way in his personal life.”

According to Mitchell, the first meeting with his client is crucial.  He likes to use to have them explore their strengths and assess their leadership abilities – in particular, their willingness to change a behavior on a scale from 1 to 10. 

Intervention at the Highest Levels

Mitchell says intervention needs to happen at the highest level, beginning with the CEO. At times, HR or another officer will bring Mitchell in as a consultant in order to deliver messages to the CEO that others are afraid to bring up. He believes the best CEO or manager walks the floor, taking time to connect with each and every employee, even if just to greet them.  This type of balanced leadership helps to make them a stronger and more recognized leader. “Those leaders get much more loyalty from their employees,” Mitchell asserts. There are companies where no corporate leaders ever visit places such as distribution centers, leaving employees feeling left out and disregarded.

What are You Reading?

He is reading “War and The Soul” by Edward Tick, which is essentially about how soldiers have overcome challenges and how they recover.

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Date: September 2, 2014