Candidate Sourcing Strategies: Kelly Dingee, Strategic Recruiting Manager for Staffing Advisors and Nicole Fellouris, Founder/CEO of Elite Development Group

Hosted by Chris Dyer, the CEO of PeopleG2 – Talent Talk Radio features engaging conversation with CEOs, thought leaders and HR executives.  Talent Talk connects professionals who care about talent-related issues. One of the topics on the minds of many business leaders is that of candidate sourcing, not only finding the right candidate to fill the job, but also keeping the best candidates and moving past a bad hire.

Today’s guests are Kelly Dingee, Strategic Recruiting Manager for Staffing Advisors and Nicole Fellouris, Founder/CEO of Elite Development Group.  To hear the entire show, click here.

 KELLY DINGEE candidate sourcing

Dingee has been in HR for more than two decades, specializing for the past 16 years on candidate sourcing via both online and offline channels. She has particular heart for working with associations and non-profit organizations.

The biggest challenge in candidate sourcing is developing a full picture of a candidate via online sources and social media, and then carefully constructing her client’s message to best present the opportunity to that candidate. Staffing Advisors has very thorough conversations with their clients so that the team truly knows what the company wants in a candidate and is better able to vet the candidates in the candidate sourcing process.

Dingee also contributes regularly to the popular Fistful of Talent blog, focusing on candidate sourcing and social media, including all things Google. Her most engaging post was around the lack of a stalking policy on LinkedIn.

Be Your Own Troubleshooter

When it comes to Staffing Advisors, the culture is defined by a team that is highly tenured with a mindset on candidate sourcing. Dingee herself came from a larger organization that she enjoyed but did not present any work-life balance. Staffing Advisors is a 100% virtual company that offers flexibility. “What comes with that is the motivation to want to do your best.” Dingee believes the most successful employees are able to take charge because “sometimes when you are working in a home office…you have to figure things out on your own,” from candidate sourcing issues to IT dilemmas.

“Candidate Findability”

She encourages job seekers to make sure they are “findable,” even considering creating a simple webpage that describes who they are and what they are all about.  This helps those who are tasked with candidate sourcing to be able to find job seekers more easily.

When it comes to Google+, Dingee says, “They could turn it off tomorrow.” And while she would be sad to see it go, she believes it offers less noise that other platforms and does increase your “find-ability rate” as a job seeker or candidate.

Turning Point

Dingee clearly remembers a turning point in her career 17 years ago when she was pregnant with her second daughter.  She was ready to leave her job to care for her growing family when her boss took a risk on her, offering an alternate arrangement that allowed Dingee to work from home most days each week and incentivized her based on performance. “She really gave me a huge opportunity,” recalls Dingee.

What are You Reading?

She just completed The Lord of the Fliesto align with her children’s reading list and Why the Caged Bird Singsin honor of Maya Angelou’s recent passing.

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NICOLE FELLOURIS candidate sourcing

Fellouris started Elite Development Group in 2002, having served as CIO for a startup at the very beginning of the dot com era prior to that. She founded the company when she realized that one area in which she had a particular aptitude in was security, even when information security was still in its infancy. She comments: “There was such an inherent need…you see how they are emotionally affected — and not just their business is affected” when a security breach occurs.

Lean & Mean

Reflecting on the early days of her company, Fellouris acknowledges that the beginning years were rough being self-funded and running a very lean operation. “You’re constantly going, but it’s part of the dues that you pay. You are earning your stripes as an entrepreneur. It’s supposed to hurt a little.”

Even as demand grew and she had to hire others, Fellouris says: “I was not just the founder and CEO…I was one of the engineers…it was very personal for me.”

Talent Retention

In terms of retaining talent, Fellouris comments: “For me, I look for character. It’s not that difficult to teach someone how…to get a virus off a computer, but you can’t teach somebody to have character or a good work ethic.” That is especially important for her because she is not a micromanager.  “As an entrepreneur, having a bad hire was really a hard thing to get over.”  Candidate sourcing is a challenge for entrepreneurs because you have to make the right choice or it can have a lasting effect on a new business.

What are You Reading?

Spanning physics to business, Fellouris is re-reading The Elegant Universeand reading Brian Tracy’s Goals!

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Date: July 29, 2014