Company Branding Is Not Just For The Customer…It’s Part of the Culture

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Today’s guests are Josh Levine, Culture Strategist and Partner of Great Monday, and Lori Kleiman, speaker and author with HR Topics. To hear the entire show, find it on the TalentTalk Podcast, iHeart Radio, iTunes and Player FM.


Josh Levine culture

Josh Levine is passionate about company culture and with most of his career in brand strategy, he found that the people on the inside is what really make the brand what it is. Currently working for consulting agency Great Monday and a nonprofit Culture Lab X brings people together who are passionate about company culture in business.

Brand and culture are now two sides of the same coin. If you want to communicate your story to the outside world you can call that brand. To communicate your story to the people inside the company, we call that culture. It is all about being what matters. What matters on the outside the company? What matters on the inside? The creation of a strong culture and creating a strong brand surrounded by what people care about will make a company successful. Employees benefit from knowing what purpose they serve in the grand purpose of the company.

Josh, like Chris, is not a fan of the annual performance review. He mentions various apps to collect data on employee’s engagement. He hopes that the market will have a methodology for employee engagement with different variables that could be collected without the employee having to take time from their workload to give input.  Josh emphasizes that recognition of employees who meet company values is important. Not just of accomplishments but how they match up with the visions and values of the company.

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Lori Kleiman culture

Lori Kleiman is a speaker, YouTube Channel host, and author with HR Topics. She is very passionate about helping HR employees take their careers to the next level. She also enjoys working with small business owners who do not have a HR department in their business so they can be more strategic in their HR function.

Lori feels the roll of HR should be an alignment with the leaders of the business to and find ways that they can make the workplace better. She focuses on ways to get both sides to work together to get the right people in the right jobs.

Many companies now have remote or work-from-home employees. Lori mentions that companies who limit themselves to local employees are also limiting the skillset or strengths that they could have by not including remote or work from home employees. Yes, there are times when big meetings need to be in person, but otherwise, a Skype call or weekly if not daily, check in’s will do just fine. Productivity is always in question for remote employees, but that is starting to be a stigma from the past as leaders are learning that employees are productive and focused to accomplish the same if not more of their goals.

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