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The PeopleG2 Difference Dare To Compare

Background checks have never been more essential for companies looking to hire, which is why so many services now crowd the market, competing over accuracy & ease of use. As business models shift & remote work options grow, there’s potentially less oversight over employees – necessitating a deeper dive for red flags.

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Similar to a customer relationship management system, an applicant tracking system digitizes the recruitment process for companies; automating many tasks that used to be done manually. Chances are, your company’s current recruitment process utilizes an ATS. It can filter through applicants, then keep track of candidates as they progress – centralizing all that data for easy access and comparison.

We make hiring safe, fast, and easy from any distance with SwiftHire – our mobile background check tool that fits the whole hiring process right into your hand. SwiftHire is built directly into your ordering module and allows for full customization.