Employers Are Basing Decisions On Assessments and Employment Screening

An employment screening is an excellent tool for prospective employers to look into an applicants past and determine such things as work history, educational background and criminal history.  An employment screening can also utilize a drug test to determine if an applicant is currently using drugs and whether or not they are suitable for employment.  More and more employers, however, are utilizing pre-hire assessments to also aid them in the hiring process.  This, coupled with an in depth employment screening can provide a hiring manager with most of the insight needed to know if the applicant is a worthwhile hire.

The assessments that are utilized help a company understand the personality of the individual, whereas the employment screening provides an understanding of the applicants past history.  The types of assessments provided for senior-level workers might be a little bit more in-depth, but like employment screenings, several companies are utilizing these at all levels.

For many companies, a “failing” mark on an assessment won’t necessarily cost you a job.  In the case of an employment screening, if results are returned that don’t suit the company’s standards, there is more chance of not being offered a position.  These tools are being utilized together to create a holistic picture of an applicant so that a smart hiring decision can be made.

Employment screening is one solution, and one important piece of the puzzle.  Even if your company provides its prospective employees with an assessment to gauge personality, it is always important to make employment screening a part of the pre-hire process.  PeopleG2 is ready to assist with your employment screening needs.  Please call 800-630-2880, and one of our sales managers will assist you in creating an employment screening package for your company.