Making the decision to hire a new person into the organization or promote from within takes a little more than gut feeling.  An employer needs to feel assured the person they are hiring meets the standard for their company, has integrity and will not jeopardize other employees. Hiring the services of an employment background check company to make informed decisions about employees is good idea.

A background check has to adhere to strict laws that do not violate the rights of individuals in any way.  Using an accredited employment background check company assures an employer that the company they choose has integrity.  To get accredited means that the employment background check company had to go through a comprehensive inspection that must be conducted by an independent inspector.

An employment background check company, or Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) has to pass an inspection of their policies, which include:

  • Accuracy of their public record research
  • Integrity and ethics in how they do business
  • The company’s ability to educate and inform their clients
  • They must have secure information  
  • Be accurate in their delivery
  • Comply with all legalities

You should choose an accredited employment background check company to do a background check on your prospective employees.  This helps to keep your company out of legal jeopardy for not following proper procedures.  After all, an employment background check company will look into personal information that will affect the decisions a boss will make about their potential employee or the ones considered for promotion within the company.  They will conduct several types of background checks.

Credit Checks

In order for an employer to conduct a credit report, it has to have the employee’s written consent.  Any information obtained must be shared with the applicant in order to give them the chance to challenge the report. A credit report will let an employer know how employees conduct themselves with money.  A potential employee that owes too much money personally may not do well in a position that deals with finances.

Criminal Records

When performing checks for a criminal past, including felonies and misdemeanors, make sure your company adheres to the laws of your state.

Employment Verification

A background check should make sure all the previous employers given were truthful, as well as checking the applicants reputation in previous companies.  This would include job performance.  This will ensure they will work well with your company.

Public Records

Public records include any bankruptcies against the applicant, or if they are subject to current litigation.  An employer cannot use bankruptcies in making a hiring decision; it is considered discriminating under the Federal Bankruptcy act.

Education Verification

An education verification provides evidence that the information given about an applicants education is correct. Many people today give false information.  Education verifications will give a true picture of potential employees’ education.

Driving Records

This type of search provides information about an applicants driving history.  It will show if there is a suspended license, a DUI or any other driving issues.  This type of search is essential if one is hiring drivers. 

Medical history cannot be used against an employee.  This violates their personal rights.  Before doing any background check, be informed of your State and Federal laws regarding individual rights to privacy.  It is vital that the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) accredits the employment background check company that is hired to do background checks.