Employment Screening For The Unemployed

The unemployed are facing a difficult road ahead.  Not since World War II have we seen the number of jobless persons that presently exists.  Forty percent of the nations unemployed have been out of work for over a year.  Companies that are hiring are not making it easy on this demographic to re-enter the work force and are letting it be known that they will not hire the unemployed.

More and more companies are looking to hire people that are currently active in a job, and are staying away from those that are unemployed.  The argument made is that those who are currently employed are up to date on all technological aspects of their jobs.  Those that have been out of work have fallen behind on their skills, and, as a result, have become less marketable.

This creates a perfect argument for the need for employment screening.  If companies are concerned about hiring out of date, unemployed workers, they can perform an employment verification to find out just what skill level the prospective employee was at before he or she was laid off.  Some companies that fear hiring someone that is now in excessive debt because of a lay off can run an applicant’s credit report to see if there may be some risk involved with making the hire.  These and other background checks can provide up to date information on applicants, and can help to open up opportunities across the board for all workers, whether currently employed or unemployed, and give employers peace of mind that they are making the right hiring decision.