Kevin Kowalke, Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of the Thursday Morning Thing Knows About Risk Management

Date: October 8, 2013

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Today’s show is dedicated to special guest, Kevin Kowalke, a serial entrepreneur and founder of “Thursday Morning Thing.”

Kowalke is on a mission to “restore America’s entrepreneurial soul.” Running a successful mortgage practice himself, he is giving back to the entrepreneurial community via his networking group he founded to re-build and build up the entrepreneurial business spirit across the country.


Kowalke runs a dynamic group for entrepreneurs called “Thursday Morning Thing,” formed based on his own entrepreneurial journey. Having started a residential mortgage practice in 1997, he spent the first several years struggling. Since, he has built a thriving practice through the ups and downs of the economy. He credits three factors for his success:

  • Delivering a high level of service. “I go home and put my head on pillow knowing that I took care of my clients in the best way possible.”
  • His personal belief that putting his best offer forward from the start is the way you should do business. He always gives his best offer out of the gate and never compromises on it – an approach he believes has earned him respect among prospective clients.
  • Developing niches. For instance, Kowalke teaches students about home buying and works with divorcees on maintaining their credit.

Today, he can’t remember the last time he’s had to sell his mortgage service.

The New Networking

Tired of and frustrated by common networking experiences, Kowalke decided to form his own monthly networking group. Today “Thursday Morning Thing” brings together dozens of professionals each month. Kowalke describes the monthly sessions as a “really big think tank.” Members have indicated it is the one meeting on their calendars that they will not miss. In addition, he hopes it is “where people don’t feel alone, because being an entrepreneur can be a very lonely place.”

Kowalke’s ultimate goal? To help “restore America’s entrepreneurial soul.”

The Shoestring of Life

After meeting thousands of people, Kowalke believes the two factors that most influence an entrepreneur’s success are: “the belief that they can really build the business they always thought they could build, and execution.”

He sees many who believe the world will end when they fail. “People are so afraid to not do the right thing, not say the right thing.” Kowalke calls this living on “the shoestring of life.” Today, Kowalke pushes himself constantly to the brink of failure and makes sure others know that failing “just isn’t that bad.”

He also takes a contrarian view when it comes to the need to love what you do to succeed. “You have to clearly define the mission you are about to embark on…I don’t believe you have to necessarily love the product or the service that you’re selling. To me, you have to love the outcome in terms of how that product or service makes someone feel.”

Getting Personal

Early in his career, Kowalke acknowledges that he “always knew it was about the people but didn’t always know what that meant.” He prides himself on trying to make each person he comes across feel special in an otherwise me-centric world. For instance, he replies with personal note to each and every person who RSVPs to the “Thursday Morning Thing.”

Kowalke cites his faith in God as a major source of clarity for him in terms of his ability to help others in business. “I can go into somebody’s business and to see opportunity that for some reason they can’t. I can take this talent and share it on a really big scale.” Kowalke had to get past lots of self-doubt and let the results of his guidance to businesses speak for themselves.

What are you Reading?

Kowalke consumes information on an epic level, ensuring that every room in his house has at least one book. Though he’s currently in the midst of nine books, Kowalke recommends a few in particular.Flowing Streamsby Stuart Briscoe is a secular read that teaches the key skill of storytelling. Meanwhile, Contagious by Jonah Berger gets to the heart of “what it is that gets people so intrigued about something in business.” Last but not least, Kowalke believes Johnny Carsonby Henry Bushkin is a great business book, in fact, given Carson’s signature captivating delivery.

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Make sure you are are establishing standards for risk management, and seeking solutions for mitigating risk in the work place.  Tune into the show next week, and remember, do what you love….and show the world how talented you can be, today.