Leadership Styles Can Make a Difference

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Today’s guests are Matt Perry, the VP of Global Talent Acquisition for Conversant and Tenny Poole, the Principal and Founder of Positive Talent Strategies. To hear the entire show, find it on the TalentTalk Podcast, iHeart Radio, iTunes and Player FM.


Matt Perry Matt Perry

Matt has 15 years recruiting experience and currently is the VP of Global Talent Acquisition for Conversant. Conversant creates relationships through marketing that engage with consumers based on what they purchase and create marketing that speaks to them on a one-to-one basis.

Matt mentions that there are a variety of keys for success to make sure that you are managing the acquisition process for the biggest benefit. One is that within the first 48 hours after an applicant has accepted the job, is to have a hiring manager follow up and then recruiter follow up with the applicant. Not to bombard them but to have them feel a part of your team. Matt understands that it is a stressfull time for applicants not only for their career but for their personal lives. A lot is about to adjust, but by reaching out in this way, managers and recruiters want them to understand that there is support for them during this life change.

Conversant is committed to the value of “each person is different and each person matters”. How do you implement that? Connecting what they want to do with what they are good at. Environment and culture is more than a cliché of “work hard play hard”.

You have to have the goal and break it down of how you’re supposed to get there. It doesn’t happen organically, you have to put work into it and earn it.

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Tenny Poole Tenny Poole

With a 30-year background in Human Resources, Tenny has recently started her own business that focuses on sustainable change in organizations. During her time at Experian, she learned a change methodology that has shown to be successful.

Getting leaders to change in an organization can be very difficult, so Tenny’s outlook is to create positive change by putting those leaders through an experience of the new change and they will be on board. There is dramatic impact by just giving people a voice and a platform to be heard. Content and experience must be about what people really care about. Many leaders only know the “Command and Control” style of leadership. Tenny has found that many of those leaders don’t know any other way or haven’t had exposure to other ways or skills to lead differently. Tenny focuses on the ability to “unleash talent instead of trying to control it”.

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