Management Lessons: Subbu Murthy, CEO of UGovernIT and Lisa Gallagher, CEO of Abriza

Hosted by Chris Dyer, the CEO of PeopleG2—TalentTalk Radio features engaging conversation with CEOs, thought leaders and HR executives.  TalentTalk connects professionals who care about talent-related issues and management ideologies.  Guests include Subbu Murthy, the CEO of UGovernIT; as well as Lisa Gallagher, the CEO of Abriza. The show begins with Murthy spotlighting the unique challenges and opportunities he faces while leading a successful technology company. He also discusses his leadership style and the person who inspires him the most.   We round out the show with Lisa Gallagher, who delves into the fine points of her impressive career and shares critical management lessons that she’s learned along the way.  To hear the entire show, please click

SUBBU MURTHY management

Subbu Murthy, CEO, introduced his company, UGovernIT.  They help clients efficiently and effectively manage their technology. Providing “on-demand” CIO services, UGovernIT enables small- and medium-sized companies to access Fortune-500-caliber CIO talent while containing costs.

Galvanizing Technology Talent

Murthy explained, ”Our Company unites our client’s IT experts, managers and innovators on a common software platform.”   

This synergistic approach places a company’s technology-based talent on the same page and streamlines the operations that enable these professionals to achieve common goals.

“Significant change happens when the innovators and business analysts join forces with those who implement the technology, “said Murthy.

This fusion of talent, according to Murthy, can truly transform how a company implements and manages technology.

Food For Thought

Murthy insists that a person should never stop adapting, learning and staying up-to-date on the latest technology.  This helps to only strengthen their management style.

“It is also very important to balance intuitive decisions with measurement-centered management, “ according to Murthy. “Good leaders are constantly weighing analytics with intuition.”

“And it’s not enough to hear,” said Murthy.  “You must listen, assimilate the information and then transform it into what the customer needs.”

Relative Inspiration

Murthy also brings his CIO skills to the Braille Institute of America (BIA), as he helps this non-profit organization manage their technology.  His connection to this organization is meaningful and personal as his grandmother was blind.  Murthy considers the BIA a critical resource for 75,000 visually impaired Californians who use its services.

Serving as additional inspiration, is Murthy’s father who launched the first executive MBA program in India under the direction of the President of India.  An astute executive and a healthcare visionary who facilitated collaboration between the US and India, Murthy’s father was his most important mentor.

“My father had the greatest impact on my leadership development,” said Murthy.

You can connect with Subbu Murthy at LinkedIn or visit his website at


Lisa Gallagher, CEO of Abriza, brought her management insight and wisdom to the next interview, as we discussed how her experiences at Abriza and other companies, shaped her corporate skills. 

Lisa founded, a world-class website that links homeowners with professional contractors.  Using a proprietary algorithm, the website selects the most highly rated contractors to complete home-repair and maintenance services for customers.

Rising to the Challenge

She explained what it was that truly had an impact on her management style.  “When things go wrong, that’s when you find who you really are,” said Gallagher.  “The challenges or problems that I’ve faced throughout my career have definitely shaped my current leadership style.”

Gallagher describes “errors” and “mistakes” as growth opportunities that have taught her how to step forward, approach customers openly and resolve problems together.

“At my former job, I learned that if underlying errors are made, that it is best to be transparent with clients and to work together to find solutions,” she said. 

Abriza’s burgeoning growth has brought welcome changes to Gallagher’s leadership role as CEO, and to her overall mode of management. 

“Your role as company leader evolves as the company grows, and a good CEO relies on their executive team to help you change,” said Gallagher. “Hire honest people who understand their function.  These people will push themselves into leadership roles, creating more space for you to grow into your ever-changing CEO.”

Author Your Life

Gallagher believes that Arnold Siegel’s “Autonomy and Life” master class made the biggest impact on the type of leader that she is today.

“I’ve learned that it’s important to ‘script ourselves’,“ said Gallagher.  “It is important that people learn to self-govern and author their own lives, if we wish to be good leaders and reach set goals.”

Gallagher says that “mentoring” and “fostering creativity” are positive forces that encourage great leadership, as well.

“In an organization, leaders are responsible for setting the tone for creativity,” she said.  “People want to make contributions and great leaders help these people get to where they want to go.”

To connect with Lisa Gallagher, please view her company’s website at or connected with her on LinkedIn.

Date: August 13, 2013