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Remote Success – How My Team Beats Your Team in Their Pajamas

Thursday, April 18, 2019 PT

Presented by Chris Dyer, CEO of PeopleG2 and author of “The Power of Company Culture”

Work used to be something done in offices. Today, it’s done in coffee shops, coworking spaces, and on couches across the world. Not only does remote work provide better work-life balance for employees, it can be highly beneficial to employers as well, including increased employee engagement, higher retention, and lower operating costs. In a world where 76% of Millennials would prefer to have a job that pays less money if it offers flexible work, acquiring top talent is becoming more and more difficult without allowing employees virtual work options.

As the CEO of a fully-remote workforce with 30 full-time employees and 3,000 independent contractors, Chris Dyer has a deep understanding of the benefits and challenges that come with virtual teams. His company, PeopleG2, is routinely ranked one of the best places to work. They are also one of Inc.’s 5000 fastest-growing companies. Chris attributes much of this success to creating a phenomenal virtual workforce where employees strive to do their best every single day. In this keynote, Chris shares his secrets for developing a high-performance culture where virtual employees thrive.


Past Webinars

Listening is Sexy (presented 2/13/2019)

What is the one quality that people value in virtually any type of relationship? Being a good listener. Unfortunately, listening doesn’t evoke the sexiness it deserves. This provocative keynote aims to change that, since having a company full of purposeful listeners is the ultimate weapon for building an extraordinary culture.

Listening sounds simple, but if that were true, people would be better at it. The ability to listen meaningfully requires skills that must be learned, then sharpened and honed regularly. Organizational communication expert Chris Dyer will help audience members do an honest assessment of their own listening habits, and provide actionable ways to improve. Chris demonstrates how easy it is to go from listening to reply, to listening to understand. This transformation is linked to higher employee engagement, trust, organizational effectiveness, and profits. Becoming a better listener is well worth the effort! After all, there’s a reason we have two ears and only one mouth.


Failing Doesn’t Suck: Rejoice in Your Face-Palm Moments (presented 3/19/2019)

Mistakes, failures, errors, blunders, and mishaps. Feeling uncomfortable yet?
No one is perfect, but we all hope for perfect performance at work. Guess what? It’s never going to happen! This refreshing session shows how constantly trying to avoid mistakes can be even more detrimental than the occasional slip-up. Learn how accepting (and expecting) to fail from wrong decisions or poor outcomes actually demonstrates good culture. Learn 10 ways your organization can handle mistakes positively and creatively.