Brent Oakley and Andy Molinsky 08/31/2021

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Brent Oakley is joining us today in the first half of the show. He’s the CEO and founder of Vibenomics. They’re a company that reaches out to untapped potential in retail space, where audio marketing and control over airwave quality can lead to improved point-of-sale customer experiences and customer retention. Brent has some interesting insights into how to build a company’s talent pool. There’s a lot of room for diversity if you look in the right places, which can help with company malleability and changing in an uncertain business landscape. There is also an idea that being a good business owner also means reaching out to people who know their particular part of the business more than you do, and being humble in diversifying your company’s experience.

Also joining us in the second half of the show is Andy Molinsky. Andy is a Organizational & Cross-Cultural Psychologist at Brandeis, Author of “Global Dexterity & Reach“, and Harvard Business Review Contributor. As a psychologist, Andy has come by the show to discuss anxiety. Specifically, how to get out of your comfort zone and tackle issues with stress and worries at work, or when trying to get out of a safe place in order to do new things. Andy shares some fascinating tidbits about how to do so, starting with picking small battles/tasks that you know you can accomplish and win. Every day, little acts can help us accomplish our goals.