Dan Sines & Brett Cooper and Evans Kerrigan 11/03/20

We love tools for talent management success. And so, we’ve invited Traitify team members on the show more than once with real tools for real life. On this episode of TalentTalk, host Chris Dyer talks with Dan Sines, CEO and co-founder of Traitify, a machine learning algorithm that combines employee performance data and personality data to prioritize applicants who match top performers. Dan shares with our listeners why visual-based assessment and automation in HR are important and what teams should look out for when hiring fully remote for the holiday season or year round. 

We’re joined next by authorship pair, Brett Cooper and Evans Kerrigan, Co-Founders of Integris Performance Advisors and Co-Authors of, “Solving the People Problem.” Naturally, they share just what the “people problem” is and how DISC-EQ is a part of the solution in the real world. Together we discuss how they find ways to work together as teams, be better leaders, and more efficient in organizations. Recognize and honor differences by how we work together. Download this engaging podcast for more on managing EQ framework to solve the people problem.