David Marquet and Kim Shepherd 02/16/21

Download this podcast episode of #TalentTalk Radio with two guests who are huge inspirations to host, Chris Dyer. This is a “must hear” episode with 2 guests who have taught us and so many others, so much. Our first guest, David Marquet, Live Online Keynoter, Bestselling Author, and International Top Ranked Conference Keynoter, to discuss the power of language. He shares about his new book, “Leadership is Language” (AKA “A New Playbook For Leaders”) where he shares stories about using transcripts to identify patterns in the language of teams. Some patterns are fragile and make mistakes vs. patterns of teams that are adaptive and resilient. 

Stay tuned for the second half of the show where we welcome back our very first guest, Kim Shepherd, a leader in the business world and community, Retired CEO & Chairwoman, Mentor, and Co-Author of, “Remote Work” with PeopleG2 CEO, Chris Dyer. We talk about the “new normal”… remote work and it’s attraction to top producing Jedis and where these Jedis meet to discuss all things Remote Work culture. Tune in to be inspired.