Eric Harkins and Dr. Robert Flower 11/09/2021

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Eric Harkins has graciously joined the ranks of TalentTalk guests in the first half of today’s show! Eric is the Founder & President of GKG Search & Consulting, and Forbes Books author of “Great Leaders Make Sure Monday Morning Doesn’t Suck“. We discuss workplace culture. Specifically, how a bad culture can drive people away, and how to avoid that by constantly checking in on performance and dealing with issues as they come up. Is there one person on a team that doesn’t pull their weight, or causes troubles for their co-workers? Sometimes it can be worthwhile to deal with that one early, rather than lose everyone or suffer losses because of it. As Eric eloquently put it: “Lesson #1: It’s ok to have fun at work. #2: Poor performing employees don’t quit voluntarily. #3: *ssholes are *ssholes. They don’t change.”

Doctor Robert Flower checked in for the second half of the show. Dr. Flower is an entrepreneur, consultant, Executive Director at the Gilchrist Institute for the Achievement Sciences, author of “Decoding the Holy Grail and the Discovery of the Potential Molecule“, among 10 other books on leadership and unlocking potential. During the segment, we discussed the restrictors – The four basic things that hold people back from their potential, how people function in their work and general life, and how to focus in order to achieve success. Understand the process and results will follow!