Jenn Graham and Jason Lauritsen 08/17/2021

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Today our first guest is Jenn Graham, Founder and CEO of Inclusivv. Jenn is here to talk about workplace culture and how to structure conversations to show more empathy, be democratic, and connect with everyone involved. Inclusivv is a platform of sharing and learning how to discuss topics in new ways that downplays debate and dominant voices, allowing everyone involved to be heard and understood with their different perspectives and experiences.

Jason Lauritsen dropped in for the second half of the show. Jason is a keynote speaker, Management Trainer, author of Unlocking High Performance, Employee Engagement Expert, and novice blues harmonica player. Today we discuss how management has a lot of baggage that’s been carried over from past eras and may no longer work today. Connecting with employees and changing the entrenched systems of a company might be the only way to improve on the company culture to make life better for everyone.