Jeremie Kubicek and Paul Hargreaves 11/30/2021

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Before we get into the guests, in the spirit of the holiday just passed, we wished to thank all of our amazing viewers and listeners for joining us with Talent Talk! Without the audience and wonderful guests, the show wouldn’t be anywhere near what it is today. 

That being written, our first guest this episode is Jeremie Kubicek! Jeremie is the CEO of GiANT, a consultation firm which specializes in giving leadership consultants all the tools and knowledge needed to guide businesses into a greater chance for success. He’s also the best-selling author of “The 100x Leader: How to Become Someone Worth Following”. Jeremie has some thoughts to share about climbing Mt. Everest, how to support those that work with you, and how to make sure they have all the support and tools they need. This may mean shifting expectations and tools to keep up with evolving and changing mindsets! 

In the latter half of the show, we’re joined by one Paul Hargreaves. Paul is the CEO and founder of Cotswold Fayre, speaker and a B-Corp Ambassador. In his book, The Fourth Bottom Line, he talks about the rise of compassionate, loving leaders and how that can help nurture and engage talent. As Paul says, “Business has been more about taking stuff from people and squeezing as much as possible out of people working for us, suppliers, the earth… and it’s been damaging.” With good leadership and a supportive business, that fact can be changed and the world made all the better for it. Through trusting people, inundating work with more fun, and giving everyone a chance to make a difference, compassionate leadership can effect positive change.