Jill Ratliff and Ayinde Alakoye 09/01/2020

This is the podcast to download for an eclectic mix of practical leadership advice and resources for culture efforts and diversity in the workplace and as an overall lifestyle.

Join host, Chris Dyer, as he welcomes our first guest, Jill Ratliff, Executive Coach, Leadership Speaker, author of Leadership through Trust and Collaboration, and longtime mentor with Pathbuilders. They discuss the current state and condition of challenges facing leaders today (both with Covid and racial tensions,) and how to lead in these extraordinary times. 

Later joined by, Ayinde Alakoye, serial entrepreneur, top keynote speaker, and the Co-founder of his third live broadcast radio streaming venture, nēdl, Chris has his 2nd interview with Ayinde. They share stories of Zoom fatigue, experience as an African American both raising venture capital and simply showing up for work after major news like George Floyd’s murder. Learn more about every day live broadcasting resources for your own podcasting and his business, nēdl, “democratizes access to information and the microphone itself!”

Collect resources and stories from this podcast to help motivate personal growth and team & talent management.