Jodi Rabinowitz and Ryan Berman 6/9/2020

A very special episode today with the Head of Talent at ZOOM… Jodi Rabinowitz, and Author of Courageous, Ryan Berman! These 2 powerhouse guests gave us a ton of takeaways for these COVID times we are living in. 

In addition to the topic of prioritizing employee well-being at ZOOM, Jodi and Chris explored how ZOOM leveraged their OWN platform to onboard and connect their new hires in the beginning of the Coronavirus Crisis. The two also touched on the notion that ZOOM was never intended to go from Business to Customer… but they’ve made those adjustments and navigated well. 

Ryan and Chris explored the origins of Ryan’s plan of Knowledge + Faith + Action = COURAGE. They also discussed “The business apocalypse: You need time but you don’t have time.” How DO you work in and around that idea? 

Thank you do Jodi and Ryan for their time and expert advice. This episode has a lot to offer.