Josh Spears and Salomé Trambach 12/14/2021

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From the dawn of machine learning comes Tr-AI-tify, which has merged with and become Paradox Olivia. Co-founder Josh Spears joins us for the first part of today’s show, to talk about AI’s place in helping recruitment become easier, smarter, and less effort than ever. Paradox Olivia is a business and project of love, looking to remove the tedious parts of recruiting that can bog up recruiter’s time, rather than helping them to get to know potential hires for a company. Josh talks about how much easier it can be to move the managerial paperwork away from manual data entry and into the world of automation by letting AI cover the mundane details, such as scheduling, answering and helping fill out applications, screening, and one of the best factors: It’s at work all the time, at potential hire’s convenience. 

Following that ins-AI-tful conversation is guest Salomé Trambach. Multilingual, multicultural, and multitalented, Salomé is a leadership coach that seeks to help others develop their leadership and personal lives in healthy ways. She offers talks involving self-awareness, self-mastery, connection to others, being authentic, and all the subjects connected to becoming a more well-rounded leader. In the second half of our show, we cover topics about how and when to become authentic by showing vulnerability, sharing, and knowing when to do so. Salomé cautions against sharing too much, at times, or at the wrong moment, but points out some great ideas, such as: “If you want people to be honest, vulnerable, and share opinions, it has to start with you first.”