Nancy Michieli and Pattie Grimm 08/04/2020

Download or stream this workplace equality focused episode of TalentTalk with host, Chris Dyer. Join our first guest, Nancy Michieli, Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner and Coach, as she shares about the importance of feminine energy and how it can be used to improve team performance. Nancy answers questions like, “Why is alignment more important than procedures and task-driven activities?” And, “How can a leader use Mindset and Language to improve the success of a team and themselves?”

Stick around for our next guest, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Women’s Advocate, Pattie Grimm. She shares with us the shocking statistics about women in the workplace and why it’s so important for companies to take women’s equality and pay parity seriously. Pattie and Chris answer questions like, “Does creating a more inclusive workplace really benefit the company’s bottom-line?” And, “What can men do?”

Pattie shares, “We still need to kick, not kiss, that glass ceiling.” Tune in to this podcast download to see if you agree.