Summer Crenshaw & Colin J Browne 10/13/2020

Get the 411 on executive management resources with today’s leaders on TalentTalk. Host, Chris Dyer, is joined first by Summer Crenshaw, serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker and author, and CEO of TalentNow, a contingent workforce management software. Summer shares with us stories of lessons learned about talent management during COVID, how companies can create culture in a remote world, and how companies can better work with contingent labor. We discuss what the future might look like and how companies are keeping their gig workers loyal. 


Our next guest to share about management today is Colin J. Browne, The Culture Guy. This keynote speaker, Founder of Happy Sandpit, and author of “How To Build a Happy Sandpit” joined us to the second half of the show to talk about the biggest challenges and best parts of remote work. He shares about his suggested main focus to drive employee engagement and we chat core values and lessons in culture.