Tracie Sponenberg & Claude Silver 12/01/20

Thanksgiving was still in effect over here as we give thanks for another opportunity to interview this dynamic duo of people-first executives changing the talent management game. PeopleG2 CEO, Chris Dyer, welcomes Tracie Sponenberg, Chief People Officer of The Granite Group, to discuss her transition from paper-first to people-first, and leading as an introvert. Listen to insights about what leadership looks like today and how engagement & culture have shifted [and it’s impact on front-line workers].

Speaking of “what leadership looks like today”… stay turned as we interview The World’s First Chief Heart Officer, Claude Silver, of Vayner Media. We talk emotional optimism and making change in leadership happen. She’ll answer the questions, “What does a Chief Heart Officer do differently than a Chief Human Resources Officer or other Chief executive position?” What is an emotional optimist and how does it make for effective leadership?” “What are you focused on now in company culture? Be sure to download this podcast to be a part of the discussion about how we make change happen now.