Most if not all companies nowadays require some form of drug testing for employees before hire. One of the most widely used services is a company called LabCorp, or Laboratory Corporation of America. Labcorp is a partner of PeopleG2 and the primary lab used by most clients.  They specialize in providing employee wellness testing and providing employers with the tools they need to implement an employee drug testing program.

Alcoholism and drug abuse is a national problem that afflicts millions of Americans. Companies who employ those with drug or alcohol problems can lose money in productivity, health care expenses, loss of work due to sick leave, and other issues. Because of this problem, implementing pre employment drug testing LabCorp is not an unusual practice for businesses to engage in these days.

According to national surveys, over 15 million Americans engage in drug use, and over 36 million have abused prescription drugs in the past. These include adults that admit to being heavy drinkers. More than 3/4 of these users are employed either part or full time.

What pre employment drug testing LabCorp does is perform an initial drug screening using a process called immunoassay. This test detects the presence of substances such as drugs in urine using antibodies. It provides a positive or negative result that indicates the presence or absence of drugs within the system, allowing the employer to make an informed decision on whether or not to hire the applicant.

This type of pre employment drug testing LabCorp can use Rapid Test Point of Collection in order to provide on-site screening for substances and to obtain specimens. They also offer collection labs nationwide. Negative results are usually available as quickly as four hours after collection. They test for multiple drugs, including ecstasy, heroin, marijuana, and oxycodone. Tests can be done either by collecting urine or by saliva. Drug testing can be obtained by other methods as well, such as hair analyzation, blood, or oral fluids. It is up to the company to decide which method they deem the most non-invasive to their employees and applicants.

Once the specimen is collected it is sent to a toxicology facility where it is analyzed and results are sent directly back to the business. State of the art reporting methods are used to inform the company by enabling them to receive electronic reports and data through an online web tool.

It is especially important in safety sensitive jobs for employers to consider drug testing. Employees must be alert and untainted by any toxic drugs or alcohol that could hinder their work and result in an accident or injury.