A report submitted by the Alexander Hamilton Institute-Employment Law Resource Center, indicated that more than 16,000 employees suffer threats, more than 700 workers endure physical attacks and more than 43,000 employees endure harassment in the workplace every day in this country. Individuals having a history of criminal behavior, misconduct or non-violent activity are responsible for the majority of these incidents. Poor hiring decisions cost companies $18 billion annually in espionage, theft and lawsuits.  This is why there is a need for pre employment screening.

Prevalence of Screening

Variable sized companies in many different industries use pre employment screening companies in attempts at selecting the best employees for the job. Pre employment screening tests may evaluate cognitive ability, knowledge or work skills, in addition to physical capability. Most often these types of tests are equated with drug analysis and background checks that validate a potential employee does not have a criminal record. However, testing may encompass a vast variety of significant information.

Pre Employment Screening Applications

Using innovative technology and techniques, screening helps organizations maximize employment recruiting efforts. Pre employment screening companies provide businesses with real-time access to screening reports anytime, from anywhere. Companies in turn work smarter when receiving high quality results. Pre employment screening provides:

* In-country or international investigations

* Customizable solutions regardless of employee position
* Accurate and current information
* Searches processed as quickly as possible
* An ethical and legal means of protecting companies
* Quality assurance control

Using pre employment screening companies equips organizations with information concerning:

* County, state or federal criminal records
* Social security number validation and trace
* Abuse, negligence or sexual misconduct activity
* Previous education and employment verification
* Professional credential and license verification
* Credit reports
* Worker’s compensation history

Benefits of Pre Employment Screening

Using pre employment screening companies, employers confirm the identity of prospective workers. Statistics indicate that up to 50% of candidate resumes contain discrepancies concerning academic claims, previous employment and work performance. Screening helps ensure a higher quality of employees, which leads to higher productivity and reduced turnover rates.

The many facets of pre employment screening assist employers in choosing applicants who are appropriate for positions dealing with co-workers, clients or the public. The information is particularly helpful when there’s a need to trust employees or they are required to possess high standards in positions that may include care givers or security.

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