Thank you for creating an account with PeopleG2.  To begin placing orders, take a moment to review these important instructions.  First, you must have a release form signed by the applicant before placing any orders.  If you don’t have a release form, download one below.  Once you have that, it is important to update your payment information in our system.  Start with the first video below for simple instructions on how to make that update.  You will not be able to place orders until that is complete.  There are additional videos on ordering, texting the applicant a request (SwiftHire), reviewing results, adding more searches, removing unwanted AKA’s, and finally, adverse action letters should you decide to not hire the person as a result of the findings in our report.  If you have any questions please let us know!

Download the applicant release forms

Download ordering instructions

Entering your payment information

Basic Ordering and Result View

SwiftHire Ordering Methods

Removing AKAs

Adding Searches to an existing Report

Sending Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action Letters