PeopleG2 –- your innovative “single-source” partner for the complete spectrum of human capital due diligence and risk management solutions.

A broad array of intelligence-gathering, due diligence and risk management solutions and services provide support for human capital decisions and transactions. Clients partner with us for both traditional and customized pre-employment screening and background checking.

Pre-employment screening and background checking services are the cornerstone of our business, and our success is largely driven by a desire to offer differentiated service capabilities and more of a personal touch in an otherwise commoditized industry. We routinely win service contracts over larger providers in this arena due to our intense focus on customer satisfaction and providing unparalleled service quality.

Our human capital due diligence offerings include a wide range of innovative services and tools aimed at providing deeper levels of assurances on the key talent involved in major business decisions. Whether supporting clients involved in assessing an M&A target or a company financing or restructuring opportunity, identifying potential people-related risks is now universally viewed as one of the “difference-makers” between successful and non-successful outcomes.

The firm’s advanced offerings provide assurances far beyond verifying previous employment and education, and uncovering possible criminal and/or poor credit histories. Our “G2” (or intelligence-gathering) processes also highlight potential red or yellow flags on individuals being considered for critical roles, expanded roles, or those individuals who figure prominently in the reasons for pursuing an acquisition, capital investment or other business decision.

PeopleG2’s proprietary methodologies and technology applications focus on such critical elements as:

  • Personal integrity checks
  • Predicting key employee retention risks
  • Confirming scope and achievements associated with previous jobs and/or assignments
  • Gathering empirical or anecdotal evidence of key competencies
  • Understanding career blemishes or failures that are most relevant
  • Determining level of commitment to the transaction or new role and/or new company
  • Gathering empirical and/or anecdotal evidence of culture and personality fit