PeopleG2 leverages all reasonable and professional intelligence-gathering (or “G2”) means to confirm the suitability of potential business partners, suppliers, customers and even prospects. Choosing the right business partners, suppliers and customers is essential for the viability and growth of any business. PeopleG2 is here to protect your interests, your brand and your customers by offering client screening, vendor screening and more.

Client screening and vendor screening services — such as employment screening and background checking — should not be offered in a commoditized, one-size-fits-all manner. Every business situation is different and many clients bring their own sense of what works best to integrate with PeopleG2’s ten-plus years of experience and insights in this industry.

PeopleG2 also assists clients in assessing human capital-related risks or confirming business decisions related to company acquisitions and capital investments such as private equity transactions. These transactions have a significant human capital component. M&A due diligence risks can and should be identified at a macro-level – including uncovering potential culture clashes, over-estimating synergies, having widely divergent compensation and benefits practices, identifying inappropriate executive compensation schemes and/or grandfathered arrangements – as well as at a micro-level for issues such as identifying key employees who are retention risks, or have “yellow flags” regarding personal integrity, a real record of accomplishment and/or operating level, or those who are not supportive of the event.

As an extension of our human capital due diligence capability set, PeopleG2 offers expert HR-M&A consulting services regarding the planning and execution of business integrations. In the meantime, many of the same screening and discovery approaches and tools used in our client screening, supplier screening and business partner screening services are also used in our human capital risk management and due diligence services in the context of considering potential acquisitions and capital investments.