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County Civil Search Civil history records provide information about product liability suits, violation of civil rights, judgments, sexual harassment, contract disputes, torts, family disputes, nonpayment of goods and other similar cases. These cases can be found at the county levels and are filed by individuals or corporations against other private parties or corporations. Unless otherwise specified, records are only searched in a seven-year history. Some court fees may apply.

Federal Civil Search Federal civil records are searched at an appropriate US District Court.

Cases are typically related to interstate commerce, violations of civil rights, issues involving the federal government, financial institutions, etc. The records, however, are limited to that specific district within that state. Unless otherwise specified, records are only searched in a seven-yearhistory. Some court fees may apply.

Statewide Civil Search Many states offer a comparable statewide civil search. If available in your state, this search can be run as a broader alternative to the county civil search. Some state fees may apply.

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