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County Criminal Search This is one of the most important tools for uncovering criminal records. Because law enforcement must report charges resulting from arrests on felonies, misdemeanors and other offenses, the county criminal search is conducted at the county level where a subject is most likely to have any information filed. We are one of the few screening companies using actual researchers who handpick information from courthouses in every county in the United States.

Unless otherwise specified, records are only searched in a seven-year history in the Superior and Municipal courts where allowed. Some court fees may apply.   

Statewide Criminal Search Many states offer a comparable statewide criminal search. If available in your state, this search can be run as a broader alternative to the county criminal search. Some state fees may apply.

Super Criminal Search This robust search takes all of our criminal database information and combines it into one search. With more than 850 million records, this search covers the most areas and records available based on name and date of birth matches.

National Criminal Search The traditional county criminal search only goes a mile deep by an inch wide to determine if the applicant has committed a crime. The National Criminal Database Search goes an inch deep by a mile wide to determine if the applicant has committed a crime.  This multiple database search, containing over 750 million records, uncovers possible crimes missed by traditional searches. PeopleG2 always suggests combining this search with a county criminal search.

By combining both a county criminal and the National Criminal Database Search applicants are screened using the widest, most accurate criminal review in a cost effective manner. The National Criminal Database Search returns any matches, which have a date of birth listed on file.  

Instant Statewide Criminal Search This search is a great value for applicants who have lived in several areas within a single state. Records from all available counties in a particular state will be returned based on a first and last name match. Records returned in this search may include results for other people with the same name, as dates of birth and middle names are not always available, with this instant search. Additionally, for searches in states with high court fees or long delays, this might be a preferable search to accompany a county criminal search.

50-State Sex Offender Search This search provides registry information from available counties and states throughout the United States. Most records include pictures and date of birth information. Similar to the state search, records matching the first and last name will be returned in the report. Some records, that in part match the applicant’s information, could be returned for your review and possible further investigation. 

Federal Criminal Search Some offenses are violations of federal law as opposed to state or local law. Records of these crimes can be located in the US District Courts. Each state has at least one US District Court, while others are divided into as many as five districts in separate geographical regions. Federal violations generally will not appear in either a county or statewide criminal check. However, federal offenses can be very severe involving kidnapping, drug trafficking, interstate transportation of stolen goods, bank robbery and embezzlement. Unless otherwise specified, records are only searched in a seven-year history. Some court fees may apply.

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