Searching far and wide.

With researchers in every country, PeopleG2 offers you a unique approach to international screening.

We provide a simple, effective and accurate process that takes the guess-work out of the international screening.  We conduct searches on applicants, employees, businesses, partners and any other person or company you may wish to have screened. Some of the searches we offer include:

  • Civil Suits and Judgements
  • Consumer Credit
  • Credential Verification
  • Criminal Record
  • Directorship Search
  • Driver License Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Global Compliance Check
  • Global Media and Open Source Search
  • International Business Report
  • Local ID Validation
  • Local Media Search
  • Police Clearance Authorization
  • Reference Interview
  • Regulatory Authorities
  • WorldWatch

Hiring applicants from another country or applicants who have spent time in specific countries can have great risks. Companies can often overlook the potential for a criminal record, as they lack the resources to check the applicant’s record in a foreign country. Although the process is very different from a standard criminal search in the United States, PeopleG2 has an established network of qualified researchers to eliminate this risk.

For international availability, pricing and turnaround times contact us today.