The heart and soul of effective talent management and workforce optimization is human capital intelligence and due diligence. High-value information about prospective candidates maximizes the opportunity they represent and minimizes the potential risk that accompanies hiring decisions. Being armed with this information provides a competitive advantage for hiring organizations. PeopleG2 brings innovative discovery, screening, assessment, predictive and analytical services and tools to clients on both ends of the organizational change and growth spectrum. Some clients just want to get the basics right and maintain a stable enterprise; others are engaged in highly strategic, game-changing human capital decisions, investments, restructuring or M&A activity, or other significant business transactions.

A series of interviews or discussions, a resume, typical background check and even a positive reference can certainly reveal an individual’s areas of expertise, communication skills, interpersonal skills and level of energy or enthusiasm. However, this often-used approach to human capital decisions will generally not reveal whether an individual has displayed questionable integrity or judgment on occasion, or a tendency to exaggerate the impact of previous roles or accomplishments, or perhaps a pattern of not working out in certain organizational or business contexts.

Both risks and opportunities abound when deciding whom to hire, promote, invest in, retain, bring together and build organizations around. PeopleG2 supports clients every step of the way.

This is the essence of human capital intelligence and due diligence and what PeopleG2 reliably delivers to our clients every day.