We offer regulatory and compliance solutions for hospitals, medical groups, pharmacies, malpractice insurance companies and other healthcare businesses in this dynamic, ever-changing industry.

  • OIG guidance and Medicare/Medicaid laws intelligence
  • CMS instructions and state anti-fraud intelligence
  • Historical information and NPI registry intelligence
  • Ongoing monitoring of employees, vendors, contractors services

Healthcare organizations such as hospitals, nursing homes, medical equipment suppliers, lab services, staffing companies, pharmacies and any business that interacts with Medicare and Medicaid have particular concerns when conducting background screening of its providers, employees and vendors. This is due to regulations that result in fines, withholding of payments, suspension of licenses and negative press when not followed strictly. PeopleG2 brings all the tools necessary to mitigate risk under one roof. This includes all government databases such as the OIG, GSA, OFAC, DEA, FDA and proprietary databases such as FACIS® (Fraud and Abuse Control Information System) combined with the traditional background screening databases, as well as social media.

However, this often-used approach to human capital decisions will generally not reveal whether the individual has displayed questionable integrity or judgment on occasion, or a tendency to exaggerate the impact of previous roles or accomplishments, or a pattern of “not working out” in certain organizational or business contexts. This is the essence of human capital intelligence that PeopleG2 reliably and professionally delivers to our clients.

PeopleG2 is uniquely positioned to help health care organizations with its high-touch human-based processes, which stands apart from automated and outdated offerings of others in the industry.