PeopleG2 provides access to a wide range of compliance tools. As each client has unique needs, we provide options that include pre-populated adverse action letters, pre-background check letters, emailed reports and mailed reports as well as many other tools. Based on your company’s needs and the appropriate state laws, PeopleG2 will assist you in compliance. Additionally, PeopleG2 works with applicants to answer questions and resolve any issues.

Being FCRA-compliant and ensuring your company and PeopleG2 follow the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission are of critical importance. Giving applicants the access and opportunity to review their reports, to know why they were denied and to have the opportunity to correct any information that is not correct. Many applicants have no idea their DMV report, criminal report, credit report or other search is being reported by an agency, incorrectly. PeopleG2 believes every applicant should have the opportunity to correct these issues and ensure a level playing field.