Accuracy is everything.

Pricing, turnaround times and customer service really don’t mean much if the background search is a dud. PeopleG2 has an industry leading quality assurance system in place inspired by Six Sigma principles. This allows us to flag, review, optimize and restrict results as our clients see fit with their own unique rules. Most companies apply these to employment background checks. However, you can use these unique rules for any type of background check such as tenant, vendor or client screening as well as I9 certification and drug testing.

Our innovative quality assurance process allows us to:

  • Screen and review results prior to the report being completed
  • Ensure accuracy
  • Alert you to problems or alternatives
  • Flag reports that have “records”
  • Exclude information based on company preferences or state and local laws
  • Trigger alerts to team members for reports with “records”
  • And hundreds of other benefits and choices

Isn’t it time to stop wasting time and money bad background checks?

When you are ready, let us show you the difference!