Leveraging social media during the pre-employment screening process is the epitome of a double-edged sword. When conducted properly and consistently, social media screening can provide human resources and risk management professionals with additional levels of employment risk management — as well as meaningful assurance on other types of human capital decisions and transactions; e.g., promotions, restructurings, key employee due diligence in acquisitions or capital investments and so on. However, when social media background checks are not conducted in a proper and consistent manner, organizations can be exposed to discrimination claims (individual or even class-action lawsuits), FCRA compliance issues, EEOC/OFCCP fines or removal of government contracts, to name a few.

PeopleG2’s proven social media methodology screening and due diligence processes encompass all forms of publicly available user-generated content such as social networking site posts, Tweets, blog entries, photos, videos and comments. We also search and analyze all other relevant information about individuals (or their associations) on the web. Sensitive information or information and content that should otherwise not be part of hiring or other employment-related decisions is always redacted before presenting a discovery profile to a client.

Engaging PeopleG2 for experienced social media screening also affords clients the benefits of using an external third party to take advantage of this relatively nascent toolset within talent management. Our clients and their stakeholders have considerable peace of mind knowing a more consistent, objective and defensible process will be used to uncover relevant attributes, attitudes and interests of individuals being considered.