PeopleG2’s proprietary methods and tools for tenant screening and discovery help thousands of individuals and businesses every year.  Our consistent record of high customer satisfaction and retention also translate into assisting clients in other business situations, e.g., the screening of potential tenants. Our clients in this realm include landlords, co-op boards and condominium associations. 

As with all PeopleG2 screening services, we offer the standard tenant screening program elements that all service providers offer in the industry.  In addition, we regularly provide highly customizable programs for unique client circumstances or extra levels of rigor desired. This may extend beyond the typical safeguards and discovery process. 

Some of the searches that might be included in a Tenant Screening include:

  • Bankruptcy Report:  The information discovered would include any records of bankruptcies within a specific federal jurisdiction
  • Tenant Credit Report:  Provides a full credit history, including a FICO score so that a landlord has a clear picture of a potential tenant’s credit worthiness
  • National Criminal Database Search:  This search examines 700 million records nationwide from numerous, diverse and unique sources to find information on potential tenants
  • County Criminal Search:  Provides information on any felony and/or misdemeanors within a specific county within the last seven years
  • County Civil Search:  Discovers cases filed at the county level by individuals or corporations against other private parties or corporations.  Civil records might include judgments, contract disputes and nonpayment of goods.  Results returned would be within the last seven years
  • Employment Verification for Tenants:  Past and present employees are contacted to verify work history and/or current employment on a potential tenant
  • Reference Verification for Tenants:  References might include both personal reference, and also past landlord’s to verify past rental payment history
  • Eviction Report:  This search provides information about any past evictions involving a potential tenant within the last seven years
  • 50-State Sex Offender:  This nationwide report will identify an individual who has been convicted of a violent sexual crime such as rape, or someone who has committed a sexual offense against a child or other person