Successful Entrepreneur: Geordie McClelland and Leslie Josel

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Today’s guests are Geordie McClelland, Founder/CEO of; and Leslie Josel, Principal at Order Out of Chaos. A successful entrepreneur can identify with McClelland and Josel. They have founded thriving businesses based on identifying a hole in a need to provide services that make others more successful in life, whether an unemployed veteran or families struggling with ADHD.  To hear the entire show, click here.

successful entrepreneurGEORDIE McCLELLAND

McClelland is the Founder and CEO of, which helps the unemployed and underemployed to market their soft skills. was created to assist recent college grads who lack work experience, but they work with mid-career and transitional workers as well. McClelland has found that as a successful entrepreneur, he has found satisfaction in the company that he has created.

Soft Skills, Hard Reality

When it comes to entry-level recruiting, McClelland says, “There’s a lot of focus on resume keywords and making sure your LinkedIn profile picture looks right.” He came across a study by a university in which they found that employers were giving entry-level employees poor grades in regard to soft skills. So he and his colleagues asked employers which tools they use in their hiring; they admitted to a focus on hard skills with little attention paid to the soft skills they later found invaluable.

The resume has been the key component to a job search for years. hopes to dispose of the entry-level resume and replace it with a true soft skill website that can help change the marketplace.

Entrepreneurial Environment

The culture at attracts the type of people who are happy to work for a small and new company — a strong fit for those who are truly committed to an entrepreneurial environment. A large component of the company is the veteran’s services team comprised of several former Marines who use their experiences to help others make the transition to civilian careers.

Most hiring managers are not familiar with military members and may even hold stereotypes about veterans. There was a time when everyone had a close relative that served, but those days are gone, leaving many hiring managers unfamiliar with what veterans can bring to the table.  “The military engenders a team mentality,” says McClelland.  But there can be a point in the interview, resume or cover letter where a hiring manager wants to know, “‘That’s great that your team accomplished this, but what did you do?’”  They miss the opportunity to hire people with great team-building.

What are You Reading?

McClelland is reading, The Idea Factory: Bell Labs and the Great Age of American Innovationby Jon Gertner.

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successful entrepreneurLESLIE JOSEL

Leslie Josel is another successful entrepreneur.  She is the Principal at Order Out of Chaos, a company that specializes in aiding people via organization systems that address a host of needs. She started the business when she aided her son, diagnosed with ADD, by educating herself and working to help him be successful, including color-coding his belongings. Her method proved successful.

The Company was Born

Josel was asked by a therapist friend to help another mom who was diagnosed with ADHD, as well as 3 of her 4 sons who were also diagnosed. “I did it out of the goodness of my heart. I helped her and I loved it!” explains Josel.  Within two weeks she had five phone calls from the woman’s friends.

The process begins with the team getting to know a client first. They work to help each client come up with a unique system, which is often difficult for the chronic, lifelong disorganized person. They begin by asking simple questions: “What’s working for you and what have you tried in the past?”

Order Out of Chaos helps people with clutter in the same way a personal trainer helps someone who can’t workout without the help of a professional. Some people need what she calls, “body-doubling.” “They need someone to show up. You are sitting across the table working on your computer while someone is there, working alongside you. I would call it anchoring or force-fielding. Body-doubling is one of our most effective strategies,” shares Josel. 

Accidental Entrepreneurship

Josel didn’t intend to become such a successful entrepreneur, so her learning curve – in efforts such as pricing to web design – was steep. She is now an ADHD coach for teens and college students. In addition, she earned a Chronic Disorder Certificate to help her with her work. Earlier on, “I had…that feeling of, ‘Was I educated enough? Was I doing enough? Why would people want to buy from me or listen to me?’” recalls Josel.

Josel remembers a time when she was speaking in front of group of 100 parents and was asked a question she couldn’t answer. Josel replied, “I’m happy to point you in the direction of someone who knows that.”  Immediately she was complimented for being confident enough to admit she didn’t know an answer.  It was then she knew Order Out of Chaos was going to be a success. There was another time she realized her company was on its way to being a successful business: when she could no longer keep up with the workload and needed to hire someone. This was her mark of recognizing she was a successful entrepreneur. Josel says, “That’s a real leap of faith, not to only be responsible for yourself and your clients, but for (the livelihood of) others.”

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Josel is reading “Uncontainableby Kip Tindell.

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Date:  November 18, 2014