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Today’s guest is Ivana Sifuentes, Senior Consultant at Human Capital Advisors in Orange County. To hear the entire show, click here.

On the show today, the HR connoisseur divulges some tricks of the trade to become an HR pro and cultivator of talent.

Ivana Sifuentestalent

Ivana Sifuentes has been in the field of human resources for the past 15 years. Currently at Human Capital Advisors as a Senior Consultant, Sifuentes has been working on a partnership with Synergy Executive Education to bring the concept of synergistic leadership among executives, all in Spanish. The program is geared towards bringing about a cultural revolution within companies with a culturally diverse workforce, especially ones with a majority of a Spanish speaking population. It trains front-line leaders dealing with the day-to-day management of the company’s workforce and helps them cultivate better relationships with their colleagues and subordinates.

What drives her?

“I am driven by the passion for enabling success in an organization through its people. I know that “people are the greatest assets” sounds clichéd but I actually happen to believe that,” admits Sifuentes. She further adds that she loves helping organizations understand and realize the value of their employees. She finds it very rewarding to see people developing their talent management and leadership skills through her programs.

Talent Acquisition Strategies

Sifuentes believes that networking is the key to talent acquisition. While working with Samsung, she had to recruit people for engineering and infrastructure – a space completely unfamiliar to her. But networking with people above and beyond her personal and professional contacts helped her do her job well. Samsung being the powerful brand that it is, one would assume that getting people to work for it wouldn’t be a challenge. But Sifuentes threw light on a very unique challenge she faced during her time at Samsung. Most people associate Samsung with electronics and cell phones. But outside of the U.S. the company is known for its huge infrastructure projects. Thus, it was difficult for Sifuentes to market and distinguish those jobs and re-educate people about that particular industry that Samsung is in.

Role of Culture

“Culture is key to not only attracting but also retaining employees,” explains Sifuentes. With social media conversations, websites and forums devoted to discussing company culture, it is so easy to get feedback on the employee experience of a particular company. There is information all the way from the hiring interview to the exit interview. This gives candidates a very accurate sense of what the company culture is. She strongly feels that culture is exceptionally important for Gen X’ers and millennials as they make decisions on joining and staying in a company based on what the company does for its employees.

Recommended Associations for HR Professionals

Sifuentes has been associated with PIHRA (Professionals in Human Resources Association) for years and she strongly recommends HR professionals to join it as it gives you an access to leaders and experts in the profession as well as it also opens up tons of networking and learning opportunities. She also suggests HR people to get involved with local SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) chapters.

Engaging Employees

Often employers miss out on the opportunity to engage employees through transparency. “Employees make the initial decision based on the information they receive in an interview or the research they do. But we shouldn’t forget that they also make a decision every day they show up to work. They make a choice whether there are going to be there with a purpose or intent or they are going to work through the clock, do the required and go home. Transparency provides a true picture of the organization, its goals, the challenges it is facing and based on that the employees can make a choice whether they want to be there and give it their all or that they’re better off somewhere else,” Sifuentes elaborates.

What Are You Reading?

Ivana Sifuentes is currently reading “Synergy Team Power: The 5 Successful Habits of High-Performance Business Teams” by Chris Alexander.

How Can People Connect With You?

Connect with Ivana Sifuentes through her LinkedIn profile or by following her company, Human Capital Advisors, LLC’s LinkedIn Page.

Air Date: May 12, 2015