We’ve spent 13 years listening to our customers needs and have crafted a platform and infrastructure that perfectly delivers the efficiency, dependability, scalability, and security required by CEO’s and HR executives. PG2+ Enterprise Architecture from PeopleG2 is the most reliable platform available in the background screening software. Period. PeopleG2’s technology foundation and infrastructure are everything you need.


Our PG2+ Enterprise Architecture is comprised of the very latest Dell enterprise Blade Servers, a high-performance Storage Area Network, the industry’s fastest data networking gear from Cisco, and is backed up by a fully redundant, geographically isolated data center. We provide the utmost in speed of execution, availability of service, scalability, and security. Supported by a team of friendly experts dedicated to your needs, PeopleG2 is here to help you grow.

System Highlights

High Density Blade Servers in partnership with Dell


  • Easy setup with remote management
  • Quick ramp up time for new services, capacity and resources


  • Simplified network infrastructure, power management and cooling
  • Hot swappable technology


  • 20% more performance per watt then standard rack server architectures
  • Verocity full 64-bit architecture maximized

Network Speeds in partnership with Cisco Systems

  • 40GB uplink between blade edge and core switch
  • 40X faster than most networks
  • Removes network latency in delivering information
  • 10GB network
  • 10X faster than most networks

Mirrored Data Center

  • High availability, lighting fast ramp
  • Geographic separation for complete redundancy
  • Highly scalable, able to keep pace with your growth
  • Complete mirrored system with virtual servers ready to spin up in a minute’s notice to take on load
  • Low network latency

Colocation Specifications

  • ISO 9001 and SSAE 16 Type II certified
  • 24/7/365 electronic and physical security
  • Multiple security checkpoints
  • Redundant UPS systems and diesel generators
  • Consistent environmental controls
  • Closed-circuit television cameras recording all data center activity
  • Raised floors and early warning fire detection systems
  • 4 tier 1 ISP backbones to carrier diverse loops

Security Specifications

  • Enterprise firewall protection
  • Enterprise anti-virus software
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Secured Session States
  • Application Design to prevent threats such as XSS, injection, hijacking, etc
  • Real time alerts of potential malicious behavior
  • IP logging for all log in attempts and orders
  • Obscuring of personal identifiers
  • Weekly security patches
  • Consistent firmware, driver, and patch updates to servers and network components
  • Tri-level password protection at the application, database, and OS levels
  • Personnel oversight and controls
  • Change management protocols
  • 24/7/365 system monitoring by three independent monitors with real time alerts
  • Disaster recovery procedures and protocols
  • Routine security scans and penetration testing