Integrated Background Check Partners

PeopleG2 has pre-integrated background checks with some of the most used applicant tracking systems in the market, so the time to connect new clients is a fraction of what a new integration would take. Here are just a few of the powerful ATS partners in an ever-expanding group!

Up until this point, true data integrations between applicant tracking systems and background screening systems have been both difficult to pull off and cost prohibitive. Systems Integration Specialists and Programmers who specialize in other areas such as implementation and programming were typically brought in to consult and execute on one-off integration solutions. This often resulted in inefficient procedures with costly results. This is where PeopleG2 and Hubworks come in. Integrations between PeopleG2 and applicant tracking systems are what we specialize in. By translating the formats and protocols of the individual providers into a common format, Hubworks makes the integration of your systems painless.


Hubworks has been pre-integrated with some of the most utilized applicant tracking systems in the industry, making the time required to connect new clients a fraction of a new integration. There are limited, to no, programming responsibilities assigned to the client in the implementation process. The main requirement of the client is helping run applicants through the system during the testing phases.

A Streamlined Process

The typical implementation time is roughly four weeks with the following process:

  1. Configuration
    • Collect Credentials: Logins and passwords
    • Set-up fields inside the applicant tracking system
    • Define search package requirements and specifications
  2. User 1 Alpha Testing
    • Connectivity Test: Pass data through the system from a single administrator account
  3.  UAT (User Acceptance Testing) Period
    • Full testing period by opening up testing to users in the way that it will be used during their workflow
  4.  Final Certification

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I love the Swifthire. It is so much easier to make sure the potential employee gets the correct information for the background check to be run.…

Very knowledgeable, responsive and just plain nice to work with!…

Service is great, and I feel like they have our best interest at heart. Not too pricey, and transparent.…

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