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PeopleG2 Turns 20: Compliance, Onboarding, and New Services for 2021

One of the biggest challenges companies are facing is how they continue to handle a remote workforce, and if COVID-19 continues to move companies into this environment, how will they adjust long term, especially when it comes to hiring new employees in a non-traditional environment. In this webinar, we will discuss some of the challenges […]

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Leading a Hybrid Team: Mixing Remote and the Office

We sent people home to work, and thought it would be back to normal in no time. But that is just not the case. In fact most companies are struggling between how they manage people in the office and those who work remotely. Most companies are running remote teams, but expect to see 90% of […]

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The Essence of Future Leadership

We know three things for sure. Death is inevitable, Taxes must be paid. Finally, leadership is about to change. How we work, where we work, and what that looks like over the next year will require a new mindset and framework for leaders. The essence of future leadership will change. Successful leaders will adapt and […]

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What your employees really want, but won’t tell you

Keeping good employees is so much easier than finding and hiring new ones. But in a world where people always have their eye out for the next best thing, how do you know what will make top talent stick around? You could ask employees what they want, but chances are you won’t get a straight […]

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What Now? Building our Ally Muscle for Inclusive Workplaces

In the most memorable year of our lifetimes, even a pandemic has not been able to stifle the urgent need for change. Jennifer Brown and Chris Dyer have spent decades speaking and training on inclusive leadership and cultures that support diversity. The spark of George Floyd’s death has organizations, leaders, and everyday employees asking, how […]

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Leaders Don’t Have To Be Lonely During Covid

WFH and the COVID-19 pandemic have changed work forever. Leaders find themselves dealing with more meetings, and isolation. But, work is more fun and rewarding when you have close relationships with some of your coworkers—as Gallup has proven time and time again. As a leader climbs the corporate ladder, they are surrounded by fewer peers […]

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Tough Conversations during COVID: How to navigate during a crisis

What conversation have you been avoiding? Maybe a tough meeting with your boss, or that difficult employee. It could be with a client, or failing vendor. Having a real conversation about difficult topics and outcomes can feel like nails on a chalkboard. But there is hope! There are proven strategies to make this process better. […]

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Remote Success: How My Team Beats Your Team in Their Pajamas

Work used to be something done in offices. Today, it’s done in coffee shops, coworking spaces, and on couches across the world. Not only does remote work provide better work-life balance for employees, it can be highly beneficial to employers as well, including increased employee engagement, higher retention, and lower operating costs. In a world […]

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AI – a threat to jobs, or the holy grail of work?

Join Artificial Intelligence expert Joe Rogers of WorkDone and leadership speaker Chris Dyer of PeopleG2 as they review the potential of this emerging change to how we all work. Joe is a Harvard-educated serial entrepreneur with over 2 decades of starting & growing technology and consulting businesses. He is currently the founder of WorkDone, a […]

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Workplace Predictions for the Coming Decade – A Panel

What does work in the next 10 years really look like? Everyone from journalists to scientists seem to have taken out their crystal balls and begun a confusing dialogue around Artificial Intelligence (AI), economic uncertainty, and cultural utopias. But before we panic, despair, or even get a little excited, let’s prepare our organizations to be […]

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What Now? Legal Updates, Compliance and Laws for anyone that does the hiring

Every year, new laws affecting employment and hiring go into effect. In 2019, we saw California Ban the Box. In 2020, Assembly Bill 5, California’s New Independent Contractor Law will go into effect. This webinar will look at AB 5, and what California businesses need to know as it pertains to their use of independent […]

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Meetings That Don’t Suck

Meetings?! Am I right? The necessary evil that so many people hate at work. And yet we need time to gather and communicate to be effective in our daily work. In a survey by Microsoft of Businesses they found that people spend 5.6 hours each week in meetings. Wow, that is a lot of time! […]

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WTF?! – 7 Cultural Changes that Matter

Are you stuck figuring out where to focus (WTF) to improve engagement and performance? After years of research and countless interviews with top leaders, Chris Dyer has uncovered seven key ingredients that matter in every workplace. These unconventional factors have the power to transform any culture, kick-starting productivity, performance, and profits. In this dynamic and […]

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