Becoming Unstoppable

Nine out of ten people are unstoppable, yet they don’t own that fact for themselves. One’s success or failure is based on what they decide individually. It is possible to create what we desire; We all have the capacity for that creative force.

During this webinar Rocio Perez will present her Seven Keys to Success. Chris Dyer will also present his keys to unstoppable performance for organizations. The webinar will give you the tools to identify strengths, challenges, and opportunities for you. You will discover the knowledge and learn the skills to achieve your goals.

Importantly, you will gain the understanding on how confidence creates Success and sustains Momentum!

Join Rocio and Chris for this fresh and timely webinar. In a time of roadblocks, being unstoppable is key!

Rocio Perez is an unapologetic optimist and sought-after international speaker of truth who has helped to transform leaders around the world. She has delivered hundreds of inspiring and life-changing leadership talks that have helped thousands of attendees embrace success by becoming more intentional. She believes everyone has the capacity to live an empowered life of prosperity, service, and happiness.

Rocío is the founder of Inventíva Consulting. She created Inventíva to bring positive change to the workplace and help organizations align culture, brand, and leadership. She designed a 7-Step Coaching Process and wrote an international bestselling book (that will be made available for your attendees upon request).

Chris Dyer is the founder and CEO of PeopleG2, where he manages 30 full-time remote employees and 3,000 independent contractors. PeopleG2 is routinely ranked one of the best places to work and has been listed as one of Inc.’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies. Having made the transition to remote during the recession in 2009 with stunning success, Chris Dyer is now a world-renowned expert on remote leadership and productive company culture.