Remote Work Expert Discussion: Back to normal or sliding into Hybrid?

Wednesday, April 28th 10AM PST

Duration: 1 hour


Can we go back to normal? Or is there a new normal? With the future being uncertain, it is clear that remote work is here to stay for most companies. Employees have also begun to demand a new work structure as well. From 100% remote to hybrid work, the future is here.

Esteemed remote work experts Chris Dyer, Lisette Sutherland, Laurel Farrer, and Wayne Turmel will discuss the key issue, advantages, and data coming out of the global corporate conversation. Studies by McKinsey, HBR, and Gallup all give employers a glimpse at wanting our top talent will need to thrive.

Attend this webinar to be a part of this highly interactive conversation between these keen experts as they debate what is and what will be, while also taking your questions and issue in real-time as a part of the event. Registration is free and open to all. If you are unable to attend live, please register and send your questions in advance. A post-conference recording will be made available to all those that register.