Resiliency, Agility, and Grit – Three Critical Skills to Embrace Change and Thrive

The three most critical skills in today’s environment of constant change and the highly disruptive world are resiliency, agility, and grit. This episode will discuss how to embrace change, chaos, COVID, and bounce back stronger than ever.
  1. How can you bend and not break?
  2. How can you thrive and embrace changes and become stronger?
  3. How can you help yourself, your family, and your team in the new normalcy after COVID?
You’ll discover …
  1. Learn how to be more resilient and recover faster to new changes
  2. Discover how emotional agility will help everyone learn from the good, the bad and ugly
  3. Apply the skills of people who have resiliency and emotional agility.
  4. Understand the impact grit has on long term success
  5. Apply the After-Action Review (AAR) to bounce back from setbacks and thrive in the future