What Now? Building our Ally Muscle for Inclusive Workplaces

In the most memorable year of our lifetimes, even a pandemic has not been able to stifle the urgent need for change. Jennifer Brown and Chris Dyer have spent decades speaking and training on inclusive leadership and cultures that support diversity. The spark of George Floyd’s death has organizations, leaders, and everyday employees asking, how can I be an ally? What can I do to help, rather than stand by and allow this systematic problem to continue? Jennifer and Chris will present their best content on what organizations can do to create an inclusive workplace where everyone is welcomed, valued, respected, and heard. They will provide actionable concepts and ideas to ensure you can develop your ally muscle to enact change today and tomorrow. Team members are the bricks in your cultural edifice. But a uniform look won’t increase the strength of the foundation. In a business context, you want more diversity, not less. It sounds simple in theory, but most companies struggle to make their vision a reality. In this webinar, you will explore best practices for creating a diversity and inclusion program that actually works, from ongoing hiring practices, to leveling the playing field when it comes to promotions, to maintaining a workforce that is a reflection of your community. Learn how to build a culture that truly values and celebrates uniqueness, while also safeguards against groupthink.